Clean Install AMD Graphics Drivers

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    If you run into issues after trying to update your AMD drivers normally, try a ‘clean install’.

    To perform a ‘clean install’ of AMD graphics drivers:

    1. Download and save the correct AMD driver. Do not use “automatically detect and install”. Download Drivers

    2. Download and save DDU

    3. Disable All anti-virus/anti-malware/anti-anything

    4. Delete the contents of the C:/AMD folder of all previous drivers

    5. Win10 users..take the necessary steps to prevent/delay Microsoft automatically changing/installing graphics drivers using one of these methods > Windows 10 Forums

    6. Win7 and Win8.1 users read note*

    Uninstall the old drivers using the computer control panel > ‘uninstall a program’ > choose AMD and uninstall everything:

    Screenshot_1 (15).png

    Reboot into SAFE MODE > run DDU and let it restart your computer. Install the new drivers. Reboot.


    ** Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 must be fully updated before attempting to install any AMD driver. All ‘critical’, ‘recommended’, and ‘optional’ (no language packs,etc) updates as well as any Service Packs (SP) must be installed before any attempt to install graphics drivers. If you do not get this message …. keep installing until you do:



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